It doesn't about Adidas
Adidas slogan is "Just do it".
I saw it everywhere, Adidas shop, movie review facebook page and oftenly on screen shirt which sell in market, so do on people who bought it.

Today topic is about "ACT NOW". It should to be title name of this story but it's not. No reason. Or maybe have...

Many people encourage themselves with
"If I ๐๐๐, I will ๐๐๐".
If I rich, I will take language course.

We often think about better me and do nothing.
There are many way to go. It's never just a way to success. Everyone can't discover laws of motion by sit (I don't know I'm not Newton) under apple tree. If I were Newton, I will give a f*ck to apple tree and bite apple angrily.

Just you can be the best of you

This world has only you so something (or many things and sometimes you feel like everything) you have always thought "I'm such a trash." I can't do it." "They better than me." or kind of this.

Throw them off to your nearest bin.


Secret is ... no it's not now.
For me,
I thought, If I wrote this, It will end.
And it is!

And you got ... err my fault.
It's NIKE!
(I'm looking for Adidas sneaker lately. Sorry. You can buy for me another pair, you know....)

Ps. Apologize for my English, you know, it's not just example.
Written in this book
F*ckin' thinks
Lonely Little Prince
Things I write about just exist in my universe I live. Photos obviously not mine.