It's just a glance of emotion.
I have fallen for a guy who was a visitor, working with one of my senior colleagues last week. It was totally unexpected that I would be fallen for someone I barely know and I've met him only a few days.  I don't even know his real name or his phone number.  But there's a reason why I have felt this way.

He's cute and very gentle to animals...

Well, I know that because I saw him sharing food with a strayed cat..  

Actually, I didn't intend to look for him but I just happened to see him after work.. and he's supposed to be far away from my office area.  But he's right there sitting next to a tabby orangy cat and sharing some grilled chicken with.  Then he looked up from the cat and his eyes caught my eyes.  I smiled to him and he paused with a little hesitated. Then he smiled back to me timidly.
That was when I have fallen for him.

It's just ... I really feel it's spontaneous for this time..  but I don't feel much eager to keep in touch with him.  It's weird, though.  Because if I really, really like someone, I always want to find a way to get to know that one more and more.  I actually want to get in touch but it seems things are not in my way.  One of my senior colleagues wanted to help me get his cellphone number, yet we couldn't find a good reason to obtain his phone number.  
So.. I just let go.. 

Does it seem that I don't fight to start doing something for myself?  Or am I so afraid to know that he may have a girl back at home?  

Well, let it be.  If we will have a chance to meet again, let the destiny shows me the way.

Photo by Hans Vivek (@oneshotespresso) on Unsplash
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