It’s not summer without you
At four in the morning, in summer,
Love's sleep lives.
Beneath the bowers, dawn stirs
The scent of evening's celebrations.

(Jean Arthur Rimbaud)

This is one of my favourite things to do on a quiet summer evening. I’m an avid reader (and sometimes writer when I get chance) and I love being able to sit out in summer, until the sun goes down.
Today, I woke up in summer mornings.There have really been no rain at all.

But i still feel the rain.

I once ever heard that
“If it’s true I love it, especially in summer”.

Now, i dont trust people that say they like a season During the season like. It's okay if you're in winter and say "damn i miss summer" but Being in summer and saying u actually love summer. That’s unrealistic
First of all , I have to say that i don’t like summer that much but i enjoy doing things in this season. 

The morning sunshine in summer
And clear birdcalls
I softly look up at the sun
Sunflowers are on a swing in the wind
You are my sunshine 
I want you be mine.
Like the sun, you give me peace of mind

It's been a month from Winter to Summer.
But being without you just ain't livin' 
ain't livin'at all—
If I could travel back in time, 
I'd relive the days i had you here.

I hate that i’m so worried about you 
that i stay up every night thinking bout you.
I wondering why i fucked up so bad.

I miss the thought of you.
The thought of us

I still remember our late night phone calls  we spend every second talking about our lives together or just us in general. Although those days our phone calls only ended with sleepy 
"i miss you" but that was more than enough for me.

Thanks for all of the lovely memories.
And i want you to know

Summer without you is as cold as winter. 

An April without you is coming. –
Summer without you is coming.