Memory in my heart
since 1 March to 31 March 
 I have learn a lot between good and bad that passed to my day and night
Thank you everyone and everything 
Thank you who gave me opportunity
 Thank you who help me to arrived my gold 
  Thank you who always stay beside me
     Thank you who always understand me 
       Thank you to be apart of my life 
         Thank you who teach me 
           Thank you who shear and gave me experience 
Thank you so much to the bad that happened to me, it made me stronger, It tough  me how to forgive and made me got idea how to fix it
One thing it very hurt my heartOn 30th March I very happy and very sad too
 I got certificate. That I worked hard to got it. Even I got low GPA but I still very happy. Because I got effort award by teacher. It proved my skill how much I have done. How much I worked hard for it.
  It was the last day that I can stayed with my friends whole we stayed together for one year. It very very hurt my heart.Even I stay alone but we stay together all the time at school. They all my family.  They always beside me when I was weak and cry.I love them so much. Even I don't want to accept it but Ii cannot stop time. Only I can do it just do the best at that time.
I will be missing you and you all will be stay in my heart
Messenger form my heart