nothing a perfect.
this is symbol of mankind, a  imperfect.
we had a Sickness,we had a Endness,we had a Big sad story.
we not all time for happiness but my life need to had a joylessness and distress.
but this is a wave of us,a wave for move to future.
for a make better world,for survival of mankind.
some one are thinker,some on are worker.
but if we has each other,we are can to be great of Species.
The science are machine of us !! 
The Great people is a who thinking not a who believe.
Dr.Walter Bishop say "God punished"
but this are not punished.This is Test from God.
for make mankind on the timeline.
we are not alone in all demotion and Multiverse.
other Great Intelligence species are many.
but we are in one of them. I believe it. 
Failure are key to the success.
we should rise,rise for make a Better world,a better of all.
value of man a not from people say!!
but from we work and think!! 
all people have a Special  Ability.

Istiklal Futurist.
Science,Physicist,Futurist,Educated,Economist and Politician in Istiklal University. นักวิทยาศาสตร์ ฟิสิกส์ นักอนาคตศึกษา นักการศึกษา นักเศรษฐศาสตร และ นักวิชาการอิสระ