The Future in my opinion.
The world are down,Today we see a very problem ,Global warming,Economic crisis,war,Starvation and other bad story from the our era. Some time we say the our era are Best ,We are have a Advanced of the science and technology but we can't to help people, The people who want to take care,The people who want a food,water and Home. What about in our world? Most people have a many Question. If you want to understand about what happen in our era you need to see and learning about History: nation,Human,Politic,Economy,war and other and you have answer not what's wrong in Human and Our world. 
Global System to control by Human and Nature 1.Nature are factor of our society 2.Society take a part of Human. and this is 2 things for your know. 
we can't to see a future are down or Great but we can to work and give a better to make world great and better world by Advanced of the science and technology but a bad of Human ,Lead us to selfishness. You see in the our economy Ultimate goal of human not for each other but for Profit of the man in High class of society. 
I have many stories for writ to you a people of the world but I don't have a time,a time for my life and time for my protection. if you want to know about Science of me you can to contact in Facebook and Twitter : Nakwat Hakimov . 
if you want take it !! 

Istiklal Futurist.
Science,Physicist,Futurist,Educated,Economist and Politician in Istiklal University. นักวิทยาศาสตร์ ฟิสิกส์ นักอนาคตศึกษา นักการศึกษา นักเศรษฐศาสตร และ นักวิชาการอิสระ