Cause being 25 is tough...
"It has been a year of change for me"...
(I thought to myself)

It has been one month after my birthday on January 2019 and my journey of becoming fresh 25 years old employee is facing with an extremely challenging in almost every aspect of my life

Working harder, personal goal is unclear, love life on hold, often getting sick, everything seems unwell and not go according to the plan.

Am I just unlucky?
....probably there a time for changing...? 

A couple years ago while I was still in a university, I had a chance to read one incredible book(which I cannot remember its name), though I still remember content and sentence I like. 

The book is about "how universe forces a change to you"(or how change happens by universe power,sth like that, i cannot precisely memorize it.) 

Anyhow there is a sentence stated that "If you are not the one who start changing yourselves, the universe will select the change for you"

Kind of deep right? 

At that time as the university student, I really do not get its meaning, in my view, it is just a cool sentence coming from an intellect individual who lives as a writer. So I don't take it too serious and move on with life as it should be. I'm kind of understand what it means...(even just a little) 

It is weird to say this but have you ever noticed that your life sometimes is being forced to do sth you do not like to do but eventually you have to do it?...

Real life example : If you are working now, have you feel being forced to do it even though you are the one who decided to take the role or get into that company? 

I mean you choose to work in the office that you choose but somehow feels like you did not choose it, you don't want to trap in here, you just being force by some reasons but you just don't know what it is...

It is strange, isn't it?

Are we actually choose our own path?...
Or...we wait for the path choose us?

Do we make the right choice to be here?
Or it is a better one upcoming?

Is there any right choice in life to begin with?'s just a test from a universe to challenge your capability just for fun?

No one really knows the answer...

We just a human
A living,
A people,
A society animal which live under a capatalism and democratic system. 

Our ultimate goal is to move on, to live....and choose our own path.

And if we do not choose our own path...something, someone, somewhere or some power will arrage it for you...

Cause undecided is not a choice...

Trust life experience taught me enough..

So for the person who is hesitate to decide something now, please do it!

Grudge your teeth and say it out loud with your action!

You can do it!

Just start changing, accept and move on...

Change will come to you one day no matter you are young,old,tall,short,cute, black,white,asian blah blah...

For me it is just accidentally 25years to be...

But yours may be tmr...

Good luck!
(Remember grudge your teeth and just accept it!)

P.s :i am not gokd at English grammar, any mistakes just comment.