Untitled Rap Verse No 1 [Explicit]
You have 26 inch waist but you call yourself fat

Sitting there pretty taking selfie with your twat

Shut it, forget it, you’re not fooling anyone

Spending hours editing your photos for flipping attention

“I’m ugly, look at me” compliments are all you fish

You don’t know behind those likes they’re calling you bitch

You social whore, personality poor, Botox in your vein

Crying in public pics from your imaginary pain

You’re saying these things and they’re not even true

So I gather ‘em up and throwing them all at you

Get out, get a life, exit this human zoo

Do something worthwhile, I’m warning you, boo

Written in this book
กลอน // poem
feelings that rhyme 
All we can ever do is try