What makes you happy?
It is a good question, right. This is an event that happened in Yurema’s school..All parent&kids have to think about this and send a short video or photo to school. I’m thinking a lot with this question.
I have doubt that I’m happy or not.Let’s think of what we want in our life…family…friends…food…clothes..accomodation…love…sex…money …respectfulness…or whatever.

Did all things make me happy?
Yes..why not??… I told myself.

Nowadays I have manything in life which I though that will make me soooo happy …but still there were some days that I feel empty inside. It happened with me when I lack of something such as…money…security…friends…etc or I couldn’t archieve my goal, all of this made me so unhappy…Oh my god!! I hate this feeling. Think again and again…How can I control everything? Till when I turn to number 40…I realize that what I really want in life is a happiness which is come from inside not from what I have or I don’t have.

“My inner world “ is the most important to me, when I am so calm and relax everyday that is my happiness.
The life with full of responsibility is not easy to maintain the feeling of Happiness but I have to handle this.

What made you happy mami? asked Yurema
let me think about it honey…😊
You like to have a coffee in the morning alone by watching me sleeping.

Oh..Yes..Yes..Yes…I can’t believe that she remembered this because I used to say it to her.

Yes indeed, Just a quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee that I can have time for myself to drink..the smell..ummm so relax my mind…easy like this but made my inner world so calm espescially if I can have more time to read is could help me to focus with myself. Eventhough I never have time for reading at the moment…I can be happy with coffee.

Coffee doesn’t make me happy at all, coffee is just a good atmosphere. But peace in my mind, stillness that makes me happy even though I don’t have everything but I choose to look at what I have...not what I lack of. This is true happiness in the life.

Thank you Yurema to remind me a small little thing in life that totally simple but made me find the happiness…calm and peacful in mind.

PS:I also feel so happy when I see you Smile too…love you

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