6. Lessons (are about to be) learned
- 1 -
It isn't easy that your hurt will be heard in this noisy world. Besides, it becomes even harder when you make no effort to let anyone hear from your own voice. All you did was just dropping them hints here and there hoping that one day your emotional bruises will be noticed by someone so that they would give you apology and you would clear a dirt somewhere in your heart by forgiving them.

- 2 -
But, life doesn't work that way.
I gave up waiting for such things and give more time in pondering at my own mistakes that have done to those surrounding me. In other words, I stop looking for things that's beyond my hand and focus only the very same thing that I did to someone.

- 3 -
When I feel down, apart from begging help from Allah, I would love to look back to those painful years in Penang. That was the time when my emotion hit the bottom of the bottom yet, it's the best time that I ever had relationship with Qur'an.

- 4 -
I learnt from many educated people that we're all human no matter how high the education level we achieved. Leave some space for mistakes to occur because it will when you don't.

- 5 -
Everyone is somehow our teacher even their status right now is a student. Some come on your way in a very short time just to remind you of your foolish childhood, what was you thought, feeling and attitude when you were at their age. Some show you their dark side to test your reaction. Some are dependent and would love to lean on you and ready to blindly follow you whatever you say just to investigate your standing point. All are great lessons, I'm grateful for being exactly where I am situated by God.

- 6 -
Recently, I learnt from one of my institution leaders that never let an attachment make you get stuck certain place for too long. You must look into the wide world and see what it has to offer. Thus, you should challenge your competency and seek for a better position so that you can contribute more. (Honestly, attachment is one of the most difficult contents that I need more time to digest.)

- 7 -
Indeed, the author is no better than the readers.

16th March