The devil of the deep blue sea
Oh, you'll find me, between
The devil and the deep blue sea
And I'm going under
Oh, you'll find me, between
The devil and the deep blue sea
And I'm going under
Such a beautiful lines, I thought.

Listening to this song 'Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' from the artist XYLO, somehow reminded me of a story for a girl 
and her fantasy. 
That the prince will always be there in the end, with an eternal kiss of love. 
While a girl, screaming to get away from

The devil. 
Believed to be a demon, coming out of hell to destroy. 
But what if, 
love is only thing he wants, 
long enough the dark pit consumed his mundane senses of what's wrong and what's right. Loneliness blinded the eyes and, while the black universe spreading out from the core of his pupils. He struggled to spread out his long limbs of hugging arms to hold back the love of his life from running away.
 Is it his fault, emerging out of the hell fire to the surface and claiming for his right to "love".

A girl tried to catch her breath from running away, with her teary eyes she saw

The deep blue sea.

The blue never seemed so crystal clear. 
Tears from the mother earth reflected back at herself when the drop of her hopeless tear hit the still surface. The split second of the collision emerged the tsunami that doomed a girl in to the protecting arm of the ocean to hind her forever from the devil.
Kept her still, kept her quiet, the ocean thought.
Knowing she would be safe and sound, forever in the eternity of the world underneath the surface.
Drowning, forgetting, sleeping, losing in love of the ocean.

Nowhere to be seen, my prince.
It's alright I told myself you are somewhere on your way,
I believe.
I will fall asleep here for a while, just a little while, the ocean will let me go to you.

"You will stay", said the ocean.
"But my prince is up there", said the girl.
"But the devil is also up there, I won't let you get hurt. I love you more than your unknown prince would"

Shutting her eyes, the girl stopped to speak the unspeakable language in the water, stopped her slow motion moving arms and legs, stopped her eyes from starring up to the surface, and stopped waiting hopelessly for her unknown prince to come. 

Dear devil I wish you would come to save me.
Written in this book
Poems through fantasized thoughts
Diverse roles of a woman to be
Believed to be strong and independent, but part of me desires to be soft and vulnerable.