February.. you have arrived too early

It seems there's a numerous story about love this month.. And I haven't prepared myself for this. 

Because I am a single lady.. and it seems to continue like this for the rest of my life. 

How can we know that someone who you are with is compatible with you for the rest of your life?It's just.. Lately I have heard so often from most of my male colleagues mentioned about their partners (girlfriends or wives) in the way that makes me feel like.. Why would they get together?  What's wrong with their relationship?  This is the most common sentence they say.If I knew, I would rather be alone.
What?!  Really?!  WTF?!

Well.. as I am all by myself for couple years and my experience on having a partner in my life can be counted as almost zero. (I used to have a bf. That's something long time ago and I will not talk about it in this story.) 

I have no idea why people who are living together can't have their own #metime?!  I mean, no one can't stick around with another person all the time even though they live together.  Why don't they just discuss about it frankly?  Maybe I just don't get the way things are in 'typical/ general relationship'. 
I think a healthy relationship should be something in the middle between 2 people. They need to share some spaces but also keep some personal space.  That's how things work. 

Let me explain more.  

It's like general psychology of human being habits between 2 people.  When they constantly share space and time together, they need to be apart and be with themselves alone once in awhile. This is for hearing what their-selves need.  Do you really think that the person who is right next to you will know all and serve all what you need even though they have been with you over 10 - 20 years? 

To be with yourself is to remind oneself that the person beside them can't be taken for granted.  It's like when you're with someone for over 5 - 10 years, things can get cold. (Right? Or do you want to debate this with me? Send me the message, please.)   
It is common for them to feel like there's no excitement or new things to explore or learn between the two after a certain period of time.  But oneself is the one who need to explore and get to know themselves more.  As time goes by, we grow from the youth and more life experience has been collected and those may shift our perception and knowledge from what we used to know.  

OK it's getting too serious here.  

Is it too much for this month?  I absolutely feel there's nothing much.  But for others, their worlds seem to be so much going on, especially more expectation on love and to give and to get anything for their lovers.  

It's the day that roses are selling in the largest amount of this day, only in one day!!!  -- Yes, I'm talking about the Valentine's Day.  People have to show their love through things with their lovers while single people or people who don't enjoy this day have to hide in the dark corners to avoid these things.

I have to tell you all that it is not a big deal if you don't feel in with the festival or the majority activities.  People have different tastes and preferences.  We are human being.  We are not mass products that mold up into the same every lot.  And it is really OK if you want to be with your love one.  You can just throw in any expensive sh*ts as long as you can afford them.  Just don't try too much.  Don't go over the ability of yourself and spending all the money just for one day.  It's just a symbolic to remind of the Saint Valentine legend.  (You can google about the rest of the story.)

And this is what I want you all to know. 
Love can be expressed in any day.

We can share and do nice things for your lovers in just any day.  The key is be genuine and no need to let the whole world know about it.  Just the two of you who know the love is.

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