Growing Up
I love spending my morning with a cup of coffee and a good book. I also love spending my night under my blanket watching Netflix. Last night, for some reasons, I chose to watch a movie that we all knew, Peter Pan. It was kind of boring at first because I knew most of the story but when it ended, it told me that I was wrong. The story is not just about a group of children, having fun playing together in Never Land, fighting with the bad guy named Captain Hook but it is also about growing up.

The world is not an easy place, no one will protect me forever, I cannot stay young and play with my friends forever but being an adult is not that bad. I still can be a grown-up, live a mature life and keep my sweet childhood memories in my heart, I can be practical, rational, tough and also that little girl for a moment by looking back to those memories of mine, to feel how fun I had. It was wonderful. 

If Peter Pan comes to my messy room through the dusty window at night and gives me an offer to stay young forever in Never Land with him but I have to leave everything I have behind, friends, family, career, teenager memories, all the works I have done and the bitter taste of life. I would say 'no'. 

Yes, I hate my life right now. Yes, I do not want to grow up. Yes, I want to be protected but I also want to protect others, my future children, my friends, my family, the people I love. I cannot do these things as a child, so I need to grow up. 

My answer might upset Peter Pan. I am so sorry Pan, I have to grow up.
And you know what? 
I am ready for it
Warrior of love