Everest of loneliness : ชีวิตบนยอดเขาแห่งความเดียวดาย

 “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”                                                                    ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

What I learned from living a lonely life. 

I think when you are truly lonely, 
You will realize how precious and fragile a relationship can be.

Feel so lonely, and so weak. 
Too weak to even make a call.

Does feel like taking to anyone, longing for someone but never knew whom. 

Scrolling through phone list again and again.                                                        Never get the feeling to make a call.

So disbelief, So Faithless in others. So disconnected. So delusional. So lonely.

Loneliness is like a frost bite. Slowly but surely numbing my heart, 
Frosted my mind, and it hurt. 

Barrier of ice, winter cold skin. Every touch, I feel numb. Affection, 
Never belong to me. Just like barrier of ice.

Colorless winter, white emptiness. 
When it all is white. When it all is distance. 

I can feel the distance our skin touch,
I can hear the distance of heartfelt words,
that is when I knew the Distance inside is greater.

It is cold, at the top.

The journey was painful, stressful.
And nothing was there at the end.

Somebody, please reach out
Reach out to me.
Take me anywhere,
Get me out of my insanity
Just a hand reach out my way.
That is all I'm wishing for.

I'm going crazy, losing my sanity.
Reality is fading away.
I'm so delusional. Stuck in my mind.
The mind was not mine.
It drag me down without my consent.
This mind was not mine.

Written in this book
The Gray journal : บันทึกปกสีเทา
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