One Part of Mine
I had received my birthday present from my friend. It is a blaclet. So that made my inspiration for starting the small business happened

Of course when u start to do something, can you imagine your threats?
My partner
Or my friend who ask me for discount
and it just some threats

One day unexpected happened
The wonder fruite festival staff called me/
She said that my shop want to join the festival or not? That time, i was very pleasure.
Wff is a big art and music festivalat in Thailand
I will visit the artwork
Meet the international music band
many cerabities join this festival
Is a wonder chance ,right?
Do you know How Is exciting

I do powerpoint to present my shop
Prepare a lot of the material for creating
the product enought and Create new stuff for this job

Unfortunatly , I remember that feeling well.
Wonder fruit officer call me. They cancel our the agreement
I and partner disappointment. it a bad new for us . I spent a long time so I feel sorry,too 

And this taught me
Not only fighting the manner of post man ,supplier but also disappointment.

Said that in Jan 18,2019
Learner - journey
หากจะรักอะไรสักสิ่ง หากจะทิ้งอะไรสักอย่าง