The Voice From Heaven - Part I
About the Voice From Heaven IYou may not believe that this voice (massage) has actually come from heaven. Some people might have a little trouble with that, particularly if they think that God or someone in heaven stopped talking 2,000 years ago, if God has continued communicating, it’s been only with holy men, or someone who has been meditating for 10 years (none of which categories includes me). The truth is God talks to everybody. God has come to us and told us many ways in your life but we did not know due to our ignorance and unawareness.   

The Voice From Heaven is the messages from God or Creator and the Universe to communicate with human about what will come and what will happen.  All messages can be found as E-book at
The massages was obtained from Orthon,  cosmic name stands for the Universal Energy of ONE, the Universal Link , the Universal Christ Energy. Orthon had been incarnated on Earth physically and spiritually several times to teach all humanities under different names, Jesus Christ, Buddha and so on. This story contains the last message, message III, written by cosmic people named Jesus Christ. It confirms that the Second Coming of Christ has now come to the earth as the Universal Christ Energy, which is all around us. It  can be reached inside all of us, if we open our hearth and find God inside you. 

In the beginning,  I disbelieved but  after my second spiritual awakening, I experienced that this message was real. This message was not meant only me but  you and everyone else who has come to this story because it is your life on planet Earth in the near future. Otherwise you would not be here, with it, right now. 

What will come and What will happen?1) 
The events soon to befall the earth will be on an extensive scale and I have already told mankind a great many things about the course of events. The most important occurrence in this phase will be the Second Coming of Christ.    The Second Coming of Christ implies the manifestation of my spiritual force on earth. This does not mean, however, that only my spiritual force will be coming. I shall come personally and physically. However, along with my personal, physical appearance a strong spiritual force will come to earth, given directly by the Universe. This means that the force coming from the Universe will be given directly by God.
Simultaneous with this spiritual manifestationๅ, a physical manifestation will take place. This means that the spiritual manifestation given by God and the strength of which will be enormous followed by a simultaneous physical appearance from other inhabited planets. These beings themselves represent such high spiritual qualities that they will assist in elevating the spiritual level of the earth. This is what is referred to in "Nothing Else Matters" from England: "I'll manifest myself in such a way that mankind will understand it". Men can understand when we come physically. They find it more difficult to understand our spiritual coming. This linking up of two different operations, a physical and a spiritual is in accordance with what I have expressed symbolically by means of a chain. Again we have several links being gathered together working in the same cause and consequently the name UNIVERSAL LINK.

With regard to what will happen to the individual human being who is to acquire another form of life after our coming, I can say this, that an elevation of Man's spiritual capacity is only possible if Man is able to use his entire physical body. It may sound strange that Man of today is unable to use his whole physical body, but I have one particular part of the body in mind, the human brain. The human brain is constructed in such a way that it contains forces and energies which are dormant today. When these forces and energies are awakened in the individual, he will be able to hear and see things which he cannot today fathom with his senses. Understand this correctly, there are tone frequencies which today cannot be registered by the human ear. Now it will be opened and celestial music will flow to humanity. In the same way with the eye, visual impressions impossible hitherto for the human brain to register will be revealed in such a way that Man will be able to see and understand things that he could not see before and thereby he will acquire a far deeper understanding of Life and the Universe and, consequently, of God.

Likewise Man will be able to master the physical world surrounding him solely through his own faculties. Practical applied teleportation will be introduced in Man's daily life and doings. When all these forces are given to Man, his life will be facilitated in a way that he is unable to fathom at the present moment. Beauty and force will surround each individual human being. He will have possibilities which are to-day only hypothetical and he himself will manifest the forces which he to-day must use other means to manifest. That is why it has been said and that is why it must be understood correctly, that what is here being given, Universal Link and everything that Universal Link stands for, is a message of joy. I have said so before but it cannot be repeated too often: although my coming implies certain predestined consequences, the message of my coming is nevertheless a message of joy to humanity.

 It is quite another matter that this message of joy; the message of my coming which is NOW just about to take place is given to mankind in the midst of most desperate times lived through by Man. As far as the autorities and the press are concerned they are reluctant to tell people just what is at hand, but then let me tell you straightforward: an atomic war would in its most extreme consequentialness mean global extinction. No human being would be able to live on earth if even one third of the nuclear explosives to-day available was brought to explode. But, do not allow this to confuse you, do not permit outer things to confuse your innermost being. We are with you. I have said so and I have said that we are coming to help mankind out of its completely hopeless predicament that has been brought about by Man himself. Many people will perish, but millions and millions will remain and it is for the sake of these millions that we are coming, so-be of good cheer and turn your thoughts to us.

I have taught and explained to you that life is eternal. I have said that nothing of what has been created will be lost and that there are many chambers in my Father's mansion and finally, I have explained to you that Northern Europe is a chosen area during this entire operation. The things now about to happen to humanity do not involve the continued living of one man whilst another disappears into eternal perdition. It is merely a replacement from one plane to another. We know what we stand for and we know whom we represent. Do not be worried. Every person entering the New Age may feel some loss and longing for a short time, but he will quickly get over it. He will get over it at the precise moment when he or she realizes the course of events they have just experienced. Then all sorrows will disappear and confidence and cheerfulness will replace them. The people who are not qualified to rejoin them will be replaced to other parts of the universe where they will be allowed to continue their lives and doings exactly as they did here. Therefore, once again: be of good cheer in the sorrowful days now coming-they will last only a short time, then Phoenix will appear. This will be my coming, the Second Coming of Christ to earth. It will appear as a message of joy written in flames across the sky for you to see.

The greatest error committed by Man is that he has struck the microcosm; he has split the atom. This is not allowed, it is a breach of the Law. One strikes in something created by God, one breaks down something created by God. This one may not do as one may not kill another man, for verily I say unto you, he who kills another man will immediately be held responsible for this killing. I have said he who takes up the sword shall himself perish by the sword and when mankind strikes the microcosm all of humanity will be held responsible.

When one destroys something in microcosm, one destroys something in macrocosm, thereby interfering in the world where we live and to which we belong. This cannot be tolerated and for this reason help is necessary. Please notice that I say help-it is not encroachment. We are not allowed to interfere and we will not interfere, but we will help and we will continue to help until humanity has found a life and a way of living that is constructive and in accordance with the universal laws, not like hitherto: destructive and against the law. However, Man has his own free will and should be allowed to go on and he will be allowed to go on. He will be allowed to continue until he reaches the very brink of global destruction, so that there is no turning back. I have told you before that he must be brought into the predicament of finding that he has burned his bridges behind him. Unfortunately we cannot come before this has happened, the law forbids us. If we were to come now it would be interference, in spite of the fact that we have been asked to help. We must wait until our help is NECESSARY. However, be of good cheer. We are prepared, so that we can come with lightening speed to any place where help is needed. WE'RE COMING.

In the near future, many Flying Saucers will be coming. They will come and they will be seen in ever growing numbers. As a matter of fact it will be quite common to observe entire formations of them. This is part of the whole proceedings now developing as far as we are concerned. Demonstrational flights will take place as soon as the political situation on earth is such that a major conflict will be absolutely impossible to avoid. If we were to come in great numbers before this moment, this would again imply interference; a disturbing influence on the mind of Man and this is forbidden by the Cosmic Law or Hierarchal Law as we are wont to call it. These demonstrational flights will serve various purposes, but the most important thing will be to make humanity aware of the fact that there are other things than those they normally keep themselves occupied with.
All this will happen, not merely in the 20th Century as so many have predicted; it will happen this year. I repeat: my second coming will have taken place before the close of this year. As truly as I am the one I have claimed to be, you will be able to celebrate New Year in an entirely new world with an entirely new earth and an entirely new heaven.

You have heard one thing and another about the Law of Hierarchy and let me assure you. It is a law more real than the one on which Man has hitherto built his life and doings. Had Man willed, he could have avoided the situation he now finds himself facing. This terrestrial Man didn't want to and therefore he has now brought himself into quite a different situation than the one normal development would have given him. We have known for thousands of years that this would happen. We have experienced it in other places. You have heard said; In my Father's Mansion there are many chambers. This should be understood in the way that by far most of the planets in the universe are inhabited by living creatures of one kind or another. However, higher life is reserved for certain planets which have been specially chosen. Do not by any means believe that earth's mankind is placed particularly high measured by universal estimation. Earth's Man has achieved much, but not until now will he begin to live as a human being. Up to now he has been living as an animal being. He has been living in an absolutely animal ego and has never, wanted to look beyond his own self. That is why he finds himself in the situation, that he is able to exterminate himself globally. Simultaneously, however earth has managed to bring forth a crop of human beings who are sufficiently spiritually developed to make the leap to the level that is now to come. This is why it would be against the Law if Man were to wipe himself out globally and this is why help is now under way. The Law is carefully observed in every respect and help has been asked for, but the difference between help and interference is not only fine as a hair; it's microscopic fine. For this reason certain events must have happened on earth before we can manifest ourselves physically in such a way, that all of humanity will be able to perceive us as they perceive motor, cars, aeroplanes and the like. After my coming to earth has been fully manifested physically as well as spiritually, the earth will ascend from one spiritual level to the next. It will go up one rung on the ladder of the Hierarchy. This step upwards will condition an entirely new way of life than one that has hitherto been possible on earth. This is why it has been said; My change on the terrestrial plane will be total and final.

Our chain on earth has now been completed and the spiritual force which is to manifest itself on earth with regard to the people who are to go on in an entirely new light than they have hitherto known, is now beginning to come. It is something which people in general do not particularly notice. We simply influence people in a purely spiritual way. We have the methods and our own way of doing it. There is just one thing I would like to point out in this connection as much has been said and written of the Antichrist. You will see, that as our force manifests itself on earth and spreads more and more among men who feel this force and either intuitively, impulsively or intellectually heed the call coming to them. Well then the rest going the other way will be more and more desperate. The spiritual struggle thereby ensuing will be no mere trifles. However, you know that it is my Second Coming awaiting you and you know what it implies, so I can only say to you: You cannot add anything and you cannot detract anything that is my final will, but one thing I promise you: even if you use your whole imagination it will not suffice with regard to what you may expect.

End of Part  I
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I know it's not much but the best I can do with my love and compassion. Here is the knowledge, memory and information from my old soul. Let jump out of the box (your belief). Expand your conciousness. Seek the truth of knowledge for wisdom. Let make spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Let know and be yourself. Come and learn in our school. The School of Life


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