I had told someone that I like him and his response was that he likes me too but not like I do. 

I felt like my heart stopped as well as the world.
I didn’t know what to do next.
I didn’t think this was gonna happened.
But it did happen and I have to accept it.
Even now I couldn’t get myself back together.
I felt like I’m falling apart.

I knew it’s too late for me to say that right now 
Because we are miles and miles apart 
I believe in long distance relationship 
But he doesn’t 
So that is it for this.  

I asked if we are okay 
And he said yes
But he disappeared anyway 
So what is yes for him mean? I wonder

He maybe doesn’t know 
that it hurts me when he is gone
I won’t blame him on this because 
I did it to myself 

I shouldn’t have said that but I did 
Because I thought I should follow my heart
And now I have to live with the consequence 
and understand that he won’t be with me no more 
Now our memories are killing me

Amateur writer
Age of 19 👸🏽 Based in Thailand 🌻 Obsessed with writing ✍🏻