To. baby blue & warm yellow

He is like baby blue perfectly combined with warm yellow.

He is like iced cola on a boiling day.
But at the same time, he is like a hot chocolate in the cold winter.

Does he know? 
That I am very pleased to know him.
That he is part of my happiness every morning.
That he makes me forget the world when we are together.

He taught me a lot but he didn't know.
He taught me that we can be alone together.
He takes me where the worries and the realities cannot see us.

Every single moment with him is unreal.
We are nobody to each other
But who knows....
There is magic in us.
We can be anything to each other.
Not lovers, just someone.

And that's why we are special.
And that's why you are special.

As cute as baby blue
As cozy as warm yellow

With you,
I feel safe.

Written in this book
To my raindrops
(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days