Let’s talk about arts :)
I had a conversation with Sergio, a friend I met in Cusco, earlier today over a walk around San Blas area.

We talked pretty much about life, cultures and stuffs. One thing I learned is he is a music composer.

“So you are an artist?” I asked.
“What no!” Sergio denied unhesitatingly.
“You studied cultures, you make music.. so..” I attempted to find the definition of his rejection.

“For me, saying that I am an artist means I am already at the top or I have finished. But there are actually many things to learn on this road and it’s infinity.”
 He replied with a little serious face.

I too enjoy arts — to see, to hear, to write, to tell, to read, to interpret, and to absorb in other possible ways. I have met many people who has an artistic sense and never say they are an artist. They just enjoy learning and practicing what they are doing. It’s part of their life since art is something and everything around us :)


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