no title # 3/2018
I miss you.I cannot deny whenever people open that door.. I just think of you.. 

I still remember how you walked through that door confidently, focusing on your goal.. your footsteps were unique and remembrance. And when you walked towards my desk, you would turn to give me some lovely friendly smile.

Gosh! I thought I can just get over you easily.
I don't text to you anymore but I always has a little glimpse thinking of you everyday.  I mean every single day you are always in my mind. 

Would you miss me?
Hell no.. I just know that. 
Since the last time I texted you. You don't answer me. Then I deleted that chatroom and not even looked at your name in the contact list. 

But I still miss you. 
My heart is crying for you and sometimes I just cry on myself for thinking of you. 

Writing this about you almost get me crying today... But I can't let the tear out because I am at work. No one would get why I would just start crying.. and I can't explain to them.

I want to be happybut letting you go almost makes me happy..

Why it is not easy.. 

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