Him :)
To my daddy g,
today it’s been two months and 11 days
 that you and I have been met :)

I’m glad that I know you since that day. I have been about you since I met you. 

I remembered on 11th August 2018 I was drunk texting and calling and told you that
I like you How funny I didn’t expect the answer.
You asked and said
What do you like about me? Because I like you too mommy g.You know what? I was so happy on that night I remembered everything what I said to you but I pretend I didn’t

We still keep in touch after that but it was weird when I tried to ask you hang out because I wanted to get know about you more but you said you’ve been busy with your stuff.

I understood that time and I stopped asking you since then. 

I felt like you don’t like me enough to get to know me. Yep apparently you were clear by your reaction

I was upset ... weird right? 
Because I expected too much 

But since that day i was trying to not bother you anymore. Because I could feel i was annoyed you. I told myself to stepback and leave it.

Then I keep my distance from you because I know I can’t have you for sure.

I get myself back from going away and not thinking about you.

Remember? I told you I never been falling in love with any guys since I’m on my own but then you came you made me smile and laugh and that what I fall in love with you ..

So weird I never thought I would fall for any guys again but you make my heart beating so fast every time I saw you.

I know I’m not a woman you’re looking for
I know this is not gonna happen 
But Thank you for come in short term .. 

I hope you meet a woman you’ve been looking for

From now on you’re still in my mind.
Much care,
mommy g