I admit that "scholarship" issue has caused me serious anxiety and stress, there's a sign of headache this morning, I don't think it's because of me lacking sleep, I've adjusted my sleeping routine to better until now, I'm pretty sure that the main cause is anxiety and stress... it's warning me to not keep hurting myself. 

I feel like my heart is beating faster...
I have to handle with this immediately, by accepting and seeing things as it go...
I'm going to do a meditation tonight, after finishing all my tasks today.

Good thing is I don't have to go to work outside today,
so that I can relax and fix this at home.

I will be patient enough to wait for my fruit,
I will be brave enough to face with any difficulty,
I will be more conscious to deal with any important issue,
and I will be more thankful for what I have now, 
I believe in myself... 
Written in this book
My life is like clouds.


11 months ago
Do not try to answer questions in your head. Do not try too hard to be stronger, Please kindly accept your weakness. if you cry just let your tear come out because it can release your stress and pressure inside. Do not stay alone when feeling blue. Hope you can pass it and be yourself...