I love you x Suddenly emotional breakdown
I remember I was smiling happily minutes ago, but I rapidly turned to be deeply emotional by one thing, my first dog, my most loved one. She was so so precious in my life. I accidentally watched a Golden puppy in the video, watching him grew up and had a great time with his owner, then I was thinking of my me and my own Golden baby girl, we were so so happy together, she was my best friend, she always forgave me for what I did, she's the one who sat beside me when I secretly went out and cried, I loved her so much, until the day... that she had to go, and I knew she will never come back again, there was no any chance to hug her and say goodbye to her for the last time, it was too late, and I'm so sorry, I'm sorry that I kept her waiting for me so long, I'm sorry that I wasn't in time to at least talk and give her the last hug, it was really really heartbreaking, and I cry every time I think of her/ or look at our pictures. I sometimes still look at that empty front door and search for her, hoping that she would sit there and looked at me when I have dinner. I just hope that she would lied near me when I watched TV, she would gave me a doggy smile and those innocent eyes when she needed love. But I have to let her go, I know, I just wish and hope that she will be fine, she will be okay somewhere, no more waiting, no more pain. 
And I don't think if I can have another new dog, I just can't have one more dog because I hate to say goodbye. It's too hard for me to deal with this.  

I will always miss you,
and I love you so much, หมูโย.   

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