Someone said
Someone said that if you really care about someone, you can feel how they feel. 
If they are happy, you are happy. If they are sad, you are sad. I have never known or experienced that kind of feeling. Until I met the person who makes me realize what it feels when someone that you care about is sad and you also feel their sadness.

People use colors as a way to describe emotions. It’s true that color can affect our feelings. Shades of colors symbolize many ways of emotions. The dark shades symbolize strength. The light shades symbolize happiness. However, there is one color that is very pretty and joyful whenever I see it. 

It is what we used to describe the color of the sky; blue.

Surprisingly, blue is a bright and joyful color, but it’s used to describe sadness instead of happiness. Even though blue is a beautiful color to me, especially when blue is with someone special. Blue is all about him, even in a happy way or in a sad way. Blue suits him really well, but he should not be blue.

I have noticed that he was not lively as usual. It might be that he was very tired or that there might be something on his mind, which I wish I knew what it was. I was trying to figure about something that caused him to be like that.

What even worse is that I wanted to talk to him so badly to see if he was doing fine, 
but I could not do it. 

When you see someone that you really care about being sad and you couldn’t do anything to help them. 
All you can do is to stay by their side and understand that
when the time passes by, things will be alright.
At the end of the night, I felt relieved to see him smile again. This might sound weird, but his smile really lights up my day. My day will be dark or bright, it depends on that. This is what it’s like when you care about someone too much. 

Their problem is our problem. The more they suffer from pain, the more we suffer from worrying about them.
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