Dedicated To You

There you are, surrounded by lights
Standing still, smiling bright
Fit tightly in that kind of world
Every perfect girl belongs to you

Who am I, holding you in the shadow
Can't face the light of tomorrows
Tell me, how could I ever know
That I'm never, never enough

But give me your hand and pull me out
'Cause I'm gonna change myself by now
To be your one and only
To make you proud
I'll shout out loud that you're my man

No more a girl, who's such a coward
I'll fight through it all, no matter how hard
I can do anything to be by your side
Even when it takes my whole life

Give me your hand and all your love
I'll make sure, I'm a woman you deserve
You are my one and only
My forever the first
The most worthwhile lesson I've learned

If this was a battlefield, I would be the survivor
If you were the trophy, baby, I'd be the winner

Because you gave me your hand and all your love
I'm now the Queen my King deserves
Can I be your one and only
Worthy as your first?
Just say yes and we'll live happily ever after :)

- Inspired by Crazy Rich Asians 

Written in this book
ลิมิตความหวาน 1000%
คนมีความรัก มักเป็นคนบ้า
a well-wisher
I love the colour blue, as long as it reminds me of you.