His eyes are icy blue, just like the moonstone, as I recalled seeing a picture of it somewhere.

One sideway glance at him send a chilling down my spine, I decided to look down as I'm so afraid of myself freezing to death if I dare look at that beautiful pale blue eyes again

I stare at my shoes, thousand thoughts swimming in my head. Almost zoning out, but the voice calling my name waking me up from the void

"____" said the owner of that pair of eyes, his tone's so worrying but his voice is as sweet as it's always been, like the honey in August

Hesitated of what to do, I remain still, fixing my eyes to the floor, humming low in response, this is the best I can do now with all the butterflies in my stomach. 

I supposed this is not the reaction he expected because that fruity voice call me again, more commanding this time

After several deep breath, bracing myself and trying to be bold, I slowly raise my gaze up, inch by inch until I reach his lips which so lush like a ripe peach and the smile he's wearing just so bright like a summer's sun.
My heart beating fast and so is my breath, feeling like a hundred years have passed, our eyes finally met.
And soon as our eyes fixed, the truth rush into my mind, as clear as a church's bell ringing at noon.

I, now, understand

That if I ever going to die staring in those eyes, it won't be the cold I'm so frightened about before but because the warmth radiating from him melting my heart away instead.
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written by oli
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this is too cute, i can't stop smiling :-)
1 year ago