Melancholic Pink
Lilacs are awesome. I remember walking down the road with my friend one afternoon in Seoul, I remember having this beautiful scent so I asked my friend what smells nice and she said it was the lilacs. I looked the champagne gold raw flowing through the leaves, the swift cold wind carrying this beautiful scent. It is one of the most beautiful memory I have recently. My friend turned to me and said "I have not noticed".

There is something about the golden ray that makes things looks yellow, may be it is the color of aged photographs and films. I have this love for it. It can be romantic like on an afternoon picnic date in a beautiful meadow. It can be mystical like a unicorn just add glitter in to it. This 70s weird glow can surprisingly produced sadness. Think os a scene of pink girl room having this golden ray of light shines in through the window. The two scenarios that could play to this scene is of someone being reminded of good memories and become sad, or some one came back to this room and be triggered at the memory of their surroundings when this space was his or her, the beautiful memories brings tears. Both are good memories of the past is contrasting the current situation and create sadness with a hint of beauty. Like an old attic with a beautiful rose in a vase which clearly do not belong there, the golden ray shines on it to emphasize the beauty with in a dead room.

"I didn't noticed it" hits me hard that my friend has lost her goleden ray. The ray that is more than a guide to appreciate small thing in life. The ability to see the sad situation as beautiful because of strong effect such small situations give. Ability to see the melancholic pink.