As I Lay Dying, or: the celebration of a life unlived

On a towering bed
Steady blip of a lifetime-left-per-second
Curtains half opened, the world in chaos below
They are all gathered round, ready to paint me with something
I wouldn’t be here if I have known

As I lay dying
My every wish becomes sacred
Every word a wisdom, delicate
Oh, I could have done so much more
Now that you could hear me a little bit more

As I lay dying
Life flies pass within my eyes
The ones I have lived not, though
These are the ones gloriously bright
Plath could not have put it better
Forgive me for being lost in the now and here
But masks are sold, not given, dear

As I lay dying
Wishing to travel the world on two tired feet
Here is the map of heavens on earth you have never known exists
Have never laid eyes on, needed not
Bavaria, Cornwall, a cave in New Zealand full of azure stars
Neblina, Mariana, a quiet lake in Scotland where I wish they have buried me
Where I said to have left my heart, I never have been

As I lay dying
How well have my dreams stayed, I would never know
Perhaps I will be here forever in ink stained dead trees
In zeroes and ones, flats and sharps about my bad days
Would have played you an anthem of a lonely heart
Be it Fältskog or Piazzolla, all the blessed Black Stars upon the night
My parade is waiting, can you hear it?
The people and the phantoms, waltzing in moonlight
Because when Death is the attraction that keeps everyone on their seats
Life can be a comedian, too 


As we lay dying
At the speed of whatever car carrying us off into another Monday morning
Turning our backs to the sunrise none cared to watch
Decorated with city dust, our faces in numbers bright as limelight
Asking for what it is that you value the most

The clock
Pinwheel turning
A hundred years guillotine


We don’t even know

Written in this book
English Stuffs
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Stranger in the Night
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