MY TYPE (Justine)
First of all, please don’t shoot me just my thoughts and experiences.

I would rate myself as average looking...but it’s true that my standard of somebody special is quite high.

I have a type. Younger than me would be privileged. I love the one who has distinctly personality and passion in music. If she/he is smart that would be brilliant!

Virtually the things that I would list as being my type are related to physicality. Need to be tall but not taller than me. I typically prefer someone looks attractive, sexy and mysterious. Very confident and mean would invite me always. 

Earlier, I already mentioned about why I like Justine so much. There are many personality traits that I find myself falling for her; humor, wits, sensitivity and so on. 

My atoms love your atom. It’s chemistry.However, I would like to mention a little bit more about how she makes me feel like nothing could make me leave her.

Well, what works for me is the time we spend talking about various topics mostly psycho but cute ^^

But my heart beats even faster when I see her face and hear her voice (esp. when she talks to a door or a window ghost 😂)

I’m jealous of the people (including ghost) who get to see her everyday. Her perfect nose, perfect eyes, perfect jawline and the prettiest smile make me wonder how I gotta be so damn lucky to call she mine.

I still remember the feeling I felt when I first saw her picture and noticed that I didn’t choose her, my heart did.

This is crazy...during the first time of a quick video calling with her, I smoke 3 cigarettes and I didn’t even smoke 😂 I was trying to keep cool in front of her even I was fuckin’ nervous and embarrassed because of seeing her face and her adorable smile.

The best feeling is when I made she a lot laugh and her face light up and start giggling. I’m really happy that I can make she that crazy and beautiful smile.
And since then, every song I listen to whispers your name, Justine.

You’re enough, a thousand times enough.”

수줍은 눈웃음도
멍 때리는 듯한 모습도
예쁘게만 보이고 가슴이 막 떨려
왜 이제야 나타났니 you’re my 취향저격

On my own