Diary: Flirting
It is not uncommon to advertise idealistic dreams and sweet empty dialogues as a mean to capture one's heart.

It's fascinating.
It's breathtaking.
But it's empty.

This is somewhat anti-romantic. But the fact that it exists, in any sexes, is disturbing as fuck. Bear with me.

Once it's done, failing your promises won't really drive her away. Her heart already belongs, and it will stay that way for quiet some time. As long as he keeps feeding those sweet nothings to sustain her heart, even periodically, it'll be a long while. Unless the 'victim' is very decisive.

People endure so much for that one magical word, while wholeheartedly (in some cases, denial) believe things to stay idealistically romantic. When the end draws near, many individuals agree to do anything just to prolong the relationship. This results in being taken advantage of in many scenarios. It's disgusting, really.

It is a form of cherry picking, yes. But it exists. A lot.

And with all this babbling done, what could I do?
Nothing. I can't do shit, obviously.

In many cases, as obvious as it is, I don't have the right to interfere. None. This is one of those situations where you are not likely to consider any warnings, until you experience it yourself. Emotions are tricky, and blinding.

It's risky. It makes my thoughts run wild. But I can't judge anyone. My calculations are not always right.
At least everyone deserves a chance. Almost.

Yep. Wall of texts, all for nothing.
So much for useless thoughts.

At least I did let it out.
Pretty dead. Pretty alive.