For Tonight, We Know Each Other by the Name Nausicaa

You said our love deserved a funeral at sea

Here we stand over the burning waves
Set alight by a million stars
Sails fluttered like bonfire
Witnessing the end

Snowy cinder falls
All the dreams we never had a chance to walk in
Memories of a memory, smudged pale 
Phantoms of a flame long since lit
But now no more than a fading skyline
Maybe you know them by their other lifetimes as I do
When all that was you and me was called
Sweetly, by another name

Oh the stories of us, rolled up in a glassy bottle
Begging for rescues that never arrived
What an ending to have, having a long way to go
On the waves and on the wind
Even though we can no longer stay
Everything is forever but us
And our footsteps tonight on the sands
Will leave a little sign that says
Beautiful things have happened
Now there's nothing left to find here
Please do not come back this way

I shall remember our name - Nausicaa
Burner of ships
The fire that haunts the sea
When the last mile runs empty
Now we hear the curtain call
Winter winds beckoning us to go
For while we burned, we burned so brightly
And here we stand apart where our fingers intertwined 
In the ashes at the end of the line
Final flicker slow dancing across the sky
A glowing trail of our last promise
A falling star descending into nothingness
Going out

I'll be alright without you, I promise

Not knowing if you should ever remember my eyes
Or how they fill up with tiny oceans
But I do remember yours
Seasick from all the navigating
The waters full of storm
Dead lighthouses, shipwrecks paving the way
We have arrived on the other side
Only to realize that our true North belong
Under the lights of different skies

Here we stand
One last time
Broken hearts beating
Compasses in our hands
Perhaps both are one and the same
Knowing we have dreams to find
Places to go, only not together
It's not the pain that remains
Only sweetness and songs
Like a faint light behind closed eyes
And for once in a lifetime
When your hand left mine
I can bring myself to lovingly say
Goodbye, darling,

I have lost you
And you have lost me
But we will never be
Forever lost at sea

Written in this book
English Stuffs
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Stranger in the Night
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