fallen in love
'nothing' you said.
No need for harsh words,
cuz silence hurts more.
I looked into those blank eyes,
every act until now is not a lie.
You're not into things, not into anything
You are not into me.

You are not into music ,
You said there's no meaning listening to them.
But I write this song to you.
So listen carefully,
cuz I've developed special attachment. 
I think I've fallen for you.

I've fallen in love
so hard, so deep.
I've fallen in love.
Now everyone said I'm insane,
in some kind of illusion,
yearn for something in nothing at all.
But I can't stop myself
since the time I've fallen in love.

Be there,
Stay where I can see you.
Even though, I knew I can't really meet you
Stay shine,
wherever you're.

I named all the stars by your name
and kiss them a thousand times good night.
Wishing I could kiss you too.

Cuz I've already fallen in love.

Written in this book
 Into the Past
in love, we're all drunk