The prostitution should be legalized
      According to recent research, a prostitute has a 45 percent to 75 percent have experienced the chance of workplace violence at some point while 32 percent to 55 percent likelihood indicates that she or he was victimized the past year. Worker safety, along with concerns about exploitation and objectification, are behind much of the continued support for keeping prostitution illegal. It is an important issue because it concerns a human rights violation and a prevention of health problems in sex industry. Even though the Amnesty International argue that making prostitution legal cannot really control the sex industry, the prostitution should be legalized since legalization of prostitution protect sex workers from sexual transmitted diseases, legal prostitution would decrease violence and human trafficking as well as discrimination of prostitution would improve workers’ quality of life.

      Some people argued that legalized sex work does not promote woman’s health. In fact, legalization of prostitution protect sex workers from sexual transmitted diseases. According to the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), HIV is easily transmitted through blood and sexual relation while in the sex industry, there is lacking of disease’s information prevalence. Prostitutes are regarded as high risk person since the majority of sex partners came from different background and the proposal of extra money from the client who prefers an unprotected sex. Furthermore, these factors are liberated from the legal status of prostitution. This shows that prostitutes are unable to reach necessary suggestions about their health while inevitably confronting with the physical problem, because most of them lacks of well education and pimps or madams don’t take this thing as an important issue. It also reveals that clients don’t realize about the human right since they consider sex workers as a product exchanged with payment. However, WHO (The World Health Organization) insists that, since the sexual harassment is related to the refusal of using each times condom, as well as the augmentation of infecting with STI and HIV, the decriminalization of sex work is necessary while improving public health. This indicates that laws can protect sexual labors from every violence because of the criminalisation with severe punishment provokes the terror as well as restrains sexual behaviors without protection. It also explains that clients can ameliorate public health as well, seeing that legal status of prostitution encourage sexual activity with precautions.

      Many people dispute that making prostitution legal cannot really control the sex industry. On the other hand, legal prostitution would decrease violence and human trafficking. According to the document calling for an end to prohibitions on sex work, “Amnesty International is opposed to the criminalisation or punishment of activities related to the buying or selling of consensual sex between adults because it discourages sex workers from reporting suspected sex trafficking to police.” This means that the prostitutes misunderstand about the benefits of law while increasing the sexual slavery since the fear of being arrested. It also proves that the best evidence of human trafficking is the insider who did not has a power to brake it. On the contrary, in Germany, more slaves being rescued. While resisters claim that a legal prostitution has enlarged human trafficking, the data is contrary. The country criminalize sex work in 2001. Between 2001 and 2011, cases of sex-based human trafficking shrank by 10 percent. This reveals that the criminalisation is able to lead the quantity of underage sex workers inasmuch as pimps fear of arrest or moral qualms. It also suggests that it is not worth to kidnap someone, so the abduction’s problem decreases continuously.

       It is true that legal status of prostitution leads to gender discrimination. Conversely, discrimination of prostitution would improve workers’ quality of life. Lena Dunham, Gloria Steinem, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep, claim that the decriminalization of prostitution leads to “catastrophic effects” while arguing that the legalization “will in effect support a system of gender apartheid.” They make a demand for Amnesty International to maintain the illegal purchase of sex, except criminalizing sex workers themselves, a procedure based on Sweden’s prostitution law which many anti-prostitution activists are encouraging. This explains that women will become products or services responded to men’s desire; in the meantime the sexual discrimination increases. It is also mean that women does not have a power to restrain the reduction of their human quality. Therefore, Cline, an independent sex worker based in California, said “When I started sex work in California, there are free medical screenings, reminders of her rights as a sex worker, health and safety information, protection of her identity, and ease of setting up appointments legally as benefits of the system there”. This proves that more than the protection from sexual violence and sex experience without protection, sex workers have their own right as all the labors. It is also explains that the government can improve people life equally.

       In conclusion, prostitution should be legalized, or at the very least, sexual harassment should be criminalized even in the sex industry. This is because the prevention of sexual transmitted diseases will increase, sexual slavery would be eliminated, and sex worker can possess a better living standard. Moreover, there are possible minor solutions to solve the problem rather than just trying to forbid everything by law. Society needs to perceive the role of prostitution towards women. By changing social attitudes about prostitution by reducing less pornography and making more secure about showing entertainment such as TV, magazine ads will help, because these factors can contribute in teaching young men to view girls and women as sex commodity.