Where I See Myself Five Years from Now
       “If you can dream it, you can do it” is one of the most memorable quotations of Walt Disney. Moreover, we cannot refuse that everyone has a dream but the way to make the dream come true is more interesting. Five years from now, I’ll be 26 and also have been graduated from the university for 2 years. I see myself still study hard, read a large number of text books and researches while plan the schedule carefully. Doubtlessly, I have to continue my study in the master’s degree since my parents believe that a bachelor’s degree is not enough for finding a good career. So, I had already thought about the solution to use French language that I have learned for seven years without learning French. It sounds weird but it is the truth because I will regret if I abandon my language skill meanwhile the linguistic and literature are extremely boring and useless besides the academic field. Studying in the French-speaking country is the best answer even if I can get a specialization master’s degree in French language hardly but learning the useful and contemporary thing has the enormous attraction. Nowadays, I have the mass communication for the minor subject, therefore, I can develop it into my goal for sure. So long as you have a dream, don't lose your will.