What kind of friend I am
       Are you the one who have many friends but when the troubles come, you have some fears to ask for help. “Yes, I am.” My parents always taught me to find the resolution without assistance from others because we have to survive or confront an unexpected problem in the real life. Then this thing becomes my bad attitude but it is not entirely their mistakes since it is true. This is one of the reasons that made me furious with anyone when I cannot solve a terrible situation myself. Frequently, my friends did not get why I have a plentiful anger or nervousness with an unsolvable trifle. Nevertheless, my peers often my good supporter even I did not ask them, for example, one morning, I have a terrible stomachache then I post one message “Anyone, could you please tell the teacher that I cannot be present in the class because of the foodborne disease.” Instantly, in the evening, most of them ask about my symptom as well as offer themselves to bring me to the doctor. These moments change my attitude and also the definition of “friend” for me. Friend is like a person who you can share all of your experiences. Moreover, they are habitually ready to help you; just they perceive your unhappiness. Briefly, this is a kind of friend I try hardly to be.