To Shop or Not?
       “To Shop or Not?”, one of the interesting articles made me realize that the increasing of a shopping mall does not represent the prosperity of the city but the lacking of people’s good attitude. The author strongly disagrees with the growth of department store business by the propositions of its disadvantages and its advantage as well while encouraging us to think about building others useful place instead of the malls.

       I totally agree that the actual society is powered by the economic situation. From this reason, the department stores are constructed enormously to serve the demand of the world market. Moreover, the people have to adjust their habitude by changing the life’s style, especially the expenditure. Previously, we have to go to the market, the restaurant, the bank and the cinema to complete the entire of business, on the other hand, the mall likes a one stop service where we can finish everything increasingly and easily as well. Finally, we stick to the facilities until a shopping avenue becomes an indicator of the social development. Nowadays, the mass communication and the social network is one of the most important methods that convince us to do not think about any other places. The libraries, the parks, the museums as well as the sport areas are decreased continuously the priority and then the precious activity and our own culture or tradition disappear one after the other.

       I’m the one who spend a free time at the temples, the waterfall and the scenery point at the top of the mountain than hang around in the air conditioned places. The source of an inspiration is waiting for being discovered. Please do not hesitate to escape from your comfort-zone.