The Restaurant that Serves up Rejected Food
       A story of the unique restaurant “Rub & Stub” which is found in Copenhagen made me surprise about the fabulous system that can reduce food waste and feed people who is in need wisely. From “The Restaurant that Serves up Rejected Food”, one of the precious articles, the author represents straightforwardly the creation of a menu from the discarded food that can resolve effectively the problems of leftover ingredients.

       Nowadays, we consume the food without the realization to the effect of the waste of food. First, we should know that more than a million of people in the other side of the world do not have access to enough food. They still hungry and have to endure suffering with a malnutrition disease while we hold our dish with remains a half of our dinner in front of a television. Moreover, the accumulation of food scraps can release methane which is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas emitted. We cannot refuse that our behavior liken to a small change in one state and then it can result in large differences in a later state as known as the butterfly effect. From there, it’s time to ask ourselves “what we will do to resolve these crises?” If the adjustment of individual habit is too complicated, trying to choose a green product and service that decrease negative environmental impact while providing improved social and environmental benefits is a smart commencement.

       The increasing of creation that considered about the trouble elimination reflects a better tendency of human being. We cannot live day by day without pay attention to a surrounding because it is the best echo of our lifestyle and attitude.