Thai Teen Pregnancies Rise without Sex Education
       From the attractive article “Thai Teen Pregnancies Rise without Sex Education” that represents the bad situation which is a growing number of Thai teenagers to fall pregnant every year stimulates our common sense to think about a source of this severe problem. An illegal abortion and a horrible sex education of Thailand encourage directly a negative attitude of having sex and then its result becomes a taboo of this paradoxical society.

       “A conservative country” is the other name of Thailand. We deny every issues that destroy our believing, for instance, a religion, a race, a royal family as well as the thing that affect a fine appearance of Thai culture and tradition. As a result, we cannot talk about sexual issues comfortably in the class of sex education even among the family members. One question that rises up is “What is the way out of this circumstance for the teenagers?” Learning by doing is the answer. When they have a sexual intercourse, Thai men think that without a condom, it’s alright while a woman has a high possibility to make a mistake. Moreover, if it causes a trouble such as a sexual transmitted disease or being in pregnancy, the woman who takes a role of protecting their virginity becomes social defendant. From this vicious cycle, it reflects a construction of a good perception that is too ideal and looks like hiding a dust under a rug.

       I’m the one who grow up in this weird society that force me to find the proper solution myself when I stuck with some sexual issues. In my opinion, we have to open-mind and accept the truth while cooperating to fix the mistake. The whole world always goes round; we cannot stand still in order to maintain our aesthetic without adjustment