According to my experience, the first internship acceptance is one of the proudest moments in my life. I was a second year student of Chiang Mai University. I have heard that the fourth year student have done their internship with the airline company last year and I was very interested. I could not wait anymore because I have already taken any courses as I can, so I was free in this summer. Then I decided to apply for a ground service staff at Nok Airline with my proper documents and also my strong intention. Nevertheless, I felt extremely nervous since there were a lot of third year students applied for the same work. The next few weeks, the phone rang while I was studying therefore I took it from my pocket softly and asked for permission from a teacher to answer the phone. Instantly, it was a big shock to me, seeing that it was a call from Nok Airline. After that I did the phone interviewed inevitably. One of the question she asked was “Why you choose to work with us?” , “Because my teacher exemplify that the fourth year students can solve the urgent problems at once after done their internship” I answered surely. Two weeks after that, I received a message which gave a pause in my heartbeat: They allowed me to start my first internship next month. I was at a loss for words and a surrounding liked being pleased with me. Moreover, I was an only second year student chosen for this work that made me felt delightful as well as exceedingly proud of myself. From these moments, I have learned that being afraid is unnecessary when we devoted ourselves to do it.