No Siblings: a Side – Effect of China’s One Child Policy
       The effect of one child policy in China expands into every field of society: economic, education, employment. This interesting situation is an important issue in “No Siblings: a Side – Effect of China’s One Child Policy”. The author gives obviously enormous examples of this change in 1979 while persuading us to realize about the growth of the policy’s consequences and their future.

       Everyone has to been heard about the interdiction of having more than one child in one of the greatest countries of the world: China but we almost never think about their result. The Chinese in the male dominated world believe that son is better than daughter since he can be a descendant while girls have to marry and then move to other family, so those girls grow with a parental pressure inevitably. In fact, all of an only child has the same feeling because they are a single hope and future of their parent. This reason forces them to have a commitment of work and organize their life efficiently. On the other hand, they are a kind of stubborn person who always tries to get attention, cannot handle with the criticism, sensible and barely to accept their fault. These characteristics become an image of Chinese that is condemned by the other country.

       Although this policy is diluted, its problem has a long term effect in every life. Growing up in a small family or studying with very few stable friends decrease the ability of leaving with others. Finally, the most significant question is “What is the future of these children and their country?”