Changes of Heart
       A story of teenager in the treatment program by owning a dog is an offensively sensible issue that founded in one of the interesting articles “Changes of Heart”. A program brings unwanted dogs and incarcerated kids together. The juveniles also learn to working with the dogs which teaches them a responsibility. Moreover, they must analyze dog’s behavior that reflects the origin of their bad habits. The author strongly represents the positive sides of this spiritual exchange.

       Regarding the problems, we must concern about this situation conscientiously. The increasing of pets those being relinquished by owners who can no longer keep their animals, or who no longer want them same as parents who leave their children, with or without good reason show the degeneration of social morality. The responsibilities of solving these problems are pushed to the foundation or themselves inevitably. When the two disliked assemble, love begins. I totally agree that dogs have a big impact with human emotion since they are the reaction of our action while being our best friend as well. Pets give people a loving companion to care for and they also cause us to exercise and offer an antidote for loneliness. Furthermore, for the abandoned children who have the problems with a mental health, social behavior and educational, this is the best solution because the animal never judges them from their appearance even background while giving sincerely a good friendship.

       Nowadays, we must realize that we take care of something because of their appearance, the necessity or the profit. If the answer isn’t “because of we love it”, start to love yourself before.