Benefits of studying abroad
       The majority of parents avoid permitting their children for studying abroad therefore its cost is extremely expensive. On the other hand, studying in other country has some benefits that worth a try. First of all, improving a language skill among the native speakers is efficient. A surrounding can help a student to use that language correctly, for instance, writing an essay or making a speech in academic session. Moreover, you also learn some new words as well as some slang used in a real life which you can’t find in a text book. Second of all, making many new friends from other side of the world is useable. Friends from a different origin allow a newcomer to learn a great number of various cross-cultures such as the eating traditions of the Westerners and the oriental one. Furthermore, these things make you realize that everyone should try to understand and respect the belief of others. Lastly, living abroad enforces you to have more responsibility. Without a mother who waking you up every mornings, you have to manage your time and plan a life schedule efficiently. When some problem happens, the family isn’t close to you anymore, in other words, being self-reliant mode is started. From these given benefits, don’t be hesitate!