An Important Decision I Made
       In our life, there are many considerable occasions that we’ve to choose inevitably, for instance, the university where we want to continue our study or the career of the entire adulthood. According to my experiences, one of the most important decisions I made is conscription for army service. At the beginning of April, I’d to return to my homeland according to the conscription notice. Thailand has a mandatory military service which applies to all male citizens who have turned 21 years old if you didn’t graduated with a Three Years: Military Service Students Program. It remained two choices for me: postpone by claiming that I didn’t graduated yet or confront with a random draft lottery for a Red or Black card. A black ticket means you do not have to serve in the military and you can continue on with your life and your career. A red ticket means that you would have to serve. Certainly, I chose the second choice. Among the hundreds of men, I passed the physical examination easily with my 180 centimeters height. I couldn’t eat, drink even go to the toilet while waiting for drawing lots but one woman that looks suffer than anyone else is my mom. After the announcement of a black ticket gaining, the delight was flown rapidly. I couldn’t say any other words, just been able to give a warm smile to the family and receive their everlasting care.