Baby you're my bad fortune
You could be heaven, or you could be hell.
You could be the most joyful of all,
Or be that jerk who born to fail,

and all my efforts might be in vain,
like crying over dead bodies hope them to alive again.

Embarrassed, disgraced, ashamed
it's all okay,
Human born this way.
So I take a risk even though there's some price to pay.

Standing tall, it's crowded here.
They make a wish then disappear.
let's a piece of paper predicts what the future will be.
And if it happened to be a bad sign,
just left the oracle behide.
Tie it around the tree.

Now it's my turn, should have some faith.
I make a wish then take a bet.
I don't know what us might become
a wonderful couple or the fault among all.

But if it happened that you're a bad fortune,
that would bring me to the worst pretty soon.
I'll admit it, not just leaving you hanging on the tree.
Not just throwing you into a bin and pretend I never see

Cuz baby without risking, I see all the possibilities,
You're a bad fortune.

And this is the first time ever, I'm willing to take a bad fortune with me.
So I come to you and ask you honestly,
If you willing to be unlucky with me for the rest of your life,

like me prefer living in an endless nightmare with you.

Written in this book
 Into the Past
in love, we're all drunk


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