Their hymns
For so long I’d lived in a cage
with no one by my side.
And one day he showed up
told me, within my eyes
there’s life.
He helped me reach my brightness
with him, I found light.
So, if I couldn’t live in heaven
at least
I’d been to his paradise.


I was lost.
Even when everything seemed right.
The direction was clear,
yet all I wanted to do
was to blind my sight.
Then I saw those beautiful eyes
heard those laughs
and realized.
Even I wasn’t in the darkness
I still needed a light.
Even I wasn’t cold
I wanted to hug her,
the girl with a fire inside.
She was all I ever wanted.
She was all I ever loved.


Written in this book
He’s my Hades
“She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell” -Nikita Gill-
Cool Kid
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