The Greatest Lesson from USA
I have such a valuable lesson to share with everyone. this lesson i've got from my host dad when I was an exchange student in USA. This lesson also helps me a lot in order to grow up.

Normally, when I was in Thailand, sometimes I didn't quite follow the things that I've said. For instance, when I say that I was going to do something but if I decide to change my mind later, it's still okay for some cases (if it's not mandatory). Or sometimes it is okay to be late just 5-10 minutes for a class or an appointment. I think that it is a common thing here (or maybe you can say that I lack responsibility)

However, when I was abroad, everything has changed. Americans always tend to follow the things they've said. Or if you were late, you would definitely have a punishment as you were not able to responsible for your own duty.

One day, I had a soccer practice at noon. I was tired because I didn't get enough sleep the night before. So I told my host parents that I was sick (even though I was making an excuse for lazy lol). However, they both felt angry and gave me one simple word.

So what is commitment? As I told you before that I didn't see much value on the words that I’ve said or not being on time. Commitment is when you decide to agree or follow on one thing with another person. That's when you have a commitment.

You can't change your words when you've already said it.
You can't change the time when you've already made an appointment.

Or if you want to change, you must tell the people who you used to commit with. Otherwise, It could be a big problem in the future.

This also leads to those words : 
"trust" and "responsibility"
Trust may seem hard to be illustrated because you won't know how much people trust on you. When you don't follow a commitment. You might lose your trust from other people and you become less reliable.

Responsibility is also hard to understand too. We've been teaching about this word since we were just a child. However, some teenagers still cannot be responsible for themselves and they keep doing a same old mistake. So that's why it is necessary to have adults to guide their pathways for their life. Also, to be able to keep a commitment, you also need to have a huge responsibility.

If ones were not able to have these two things above, he or she would probably have to deal with a lot of problems in his or her life.

This is a worthwhile lesson that I've learned when I was in USA. I still reminds of this lesson in every single moment of my life.
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