Universal Loneliness.
Just when I promise myself to never write anything about insecurity anymore. 

And all I could think of is 

Fine. I’ll write about loneliness 
Not mine. Just plain old loneliness. 

Tonight I’m walking with Gabi
Not just any Gabi. She’s a tune. 
My favorite new found love. 

And tonight I am a man. 
Staring at broken trees. 
Last night his mouth filled with broken teeth. 
The taste of blood linger till morning.

And Just this morning
The man think about things he might have lost.
Is there any significant attachment 
That will hurt him the most if it all gone. 
There was none. 

“Have you ever feel like
There was just you all along
And nobody else will ever know
This pain
Even strangers you called friends.
Even love that you trusted.”

Plain old loneliness again. 
He walks silently with Gabi
And she is silent
All the thing that move
Is he and darkness

And just when he thinks he is alone
He is alone no more
For the shadow is still
Silence is still
Sky is still
Stars are still
And he couldn’t distinguish himself
From stillness
He can see now
It is in his nature
And nature of the world

And he is not alone 
For he could’nt distinguish 
himself from it
And all around


All bound by this
Universal loneliness. 

Written in this book
Anything that rhyme.
Diary of 22. A universe consists of letters, stars & too much emotion.