A Stranger’s Smile

One thing that makes my day is when a totally stranger smile at me.
On a good day it makes my day even better, on a bad day it gives me strength and motivation to live. It is like a reminder that remind to smile no matter how hard life is.
And I feel like they are talking to me without saying a word.
“Hey, how are you?”
“Honey, You look pretty today”
“That dress looks pretty on you”
“Don’t give up”
“Girl, You got this”
“Baby, you are not alone”
"Have a great day" 

I don’t know what exactly they are thinking or trying to say through the smile they gave me.
But one thing I believe is that they have a good intention.

Isn't it a nice thing when someone you don’t know give you a sincere smile.
Someone you have never met before and maybe will never meet again.

So next time when your eyes accidentally meet with a stranger, don't forget to give them a nice smile.
Who knows, maybe you might be the one who actually make their days.