The Blooming

I - Where We Went to Sleep
The fractured sunlight dances upon frosty glasses
Arrival of hibiscus painting the skyline
A thin wall between us and the city
Eyelids fluttered open
Windows seeing windows
I dream of you

II - Hall of Steps Found
Our celebrations do not have fireworks
But we do have bacon and waffles
So that's pretty much the same thing
Getting used to hot dishes best served cold
But at least there is no regretting
We could have bean
Oh, we could have bean
III - The Rain Room
The tap runs just fine
Remembering that you don't like it cold
Like a hug or a comforting blanket
I could wrap my arms around your heart forever and ever
But now we are young again
Dandelion children
How about
IV - Flourishing Space
Beside the window, a tulip blooms
Feisty petals hidden beneath the dark throughout winter
Leaves vivid unfolding as if from nowhere
Revealing to herself colors so close
Deep inside but long since forgotten
Now reminded

V - Duet
Melody drifting
Light as maple leaves on water
As we bring to life a concerto of two
All the chords meeting all the keys
Dreaming of colours to paint the world with
Making a masterpiece out of each other
And secretly to ourselves
We have a room full of stars

VI - Lived In
These are the halls of our hearts
And we write our hearts on woven screens
You could see wallpapers worn - still lovely
Flea market lanterns still shining
We do know where to keep our vintage books
Where to place our fairy lights
The world outside is climbing with iron
Our hands like ivy intertwine
We are living in an age out of time

VII - Our Little Hideaway
Meadow is my favorite word
We stow away the stories of our cosmos
Like bees hopping from star to star
Where our hopes are planted
Our dreams the gentle rain
We are tall poppies defiantly bright
Wild irises unfurling in our eyes
Once upon a time 
We are clovers braving the hurricane

VIII - In a Sentimental Moon 
Sweet zinfandel
I could be your Napa Valley autumn sky
Tonight at the old vineyard
Our lips sealed, our fingers tied
For there are secrets only moonlight should touch
And so many more mysteries
Not to be known, only lose ourselves in
Here I am, lost within you
For you are lost within me
And because of that, we are found 

IX - When the Bell Does Sound
Borrowed time made to a good use
Our serenades in lavender blue
When the bell does sound
Black and white go round and round
We are older but brand new

X - The Sands That Washed Over Us

Are where our roots meant to grow upon
We bloom time and again with the seasons
Until our eyes are as old as the pines
At the side of a road none other traveled
We plant ourselves firmly in the ground
With daffodils still swaying
To the wind in our hearts
And made a forest out of us
Like the golden aspen trees

In a universe of darkness
Your eyes meet mine
We are sunflowers without light
But with voices in our hearts so determined
We shall make our own sunshine

Written in this book
English Stuffs
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Stranger in the Night
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