The Way You Look at Me

It is funny how I remember
The way your eyes light up like brightest stars
Talking about the things you love
Talking about
The way you look at me

I didn't expect you to laugh
But of course, you didn't expect me to say
That silly little thing we spent the next three hours
Joking about
I didn't expect you to be this way
The way you look at me

It took me a while to understand
That we're not only looking at each other
But walking towards the same way
And our hands are holding on to each other's all along
Still I could never get over the mystery
Of how you get me the way that you do
The way you have all of my flaws
But also the wonders I realized are within me
Every time I look at you
I have learned to love myself more and more
As I have learned to love you

On this road we take a journey
Perhaps we are the little trees
Slowly blooming apart
But one day will intertwine
Perhaps it is not wrong to think
If the wings of angels weren't born with them
But earned
As you have earned the gleam in my eyes

For love is the only thing I know to be true
Surrounded by this silence
Drifting on the dream of this moment
I will hold you
And if you are in love with solitude
As you are in love with me
I will hold you without a sound

Still this journey is the most wonderful I've ever been
And your eyes are still the sweetest I've ever seen
For never did I believe
That one day, skyward, I would fall
And every step is still worth fighting for it all
Even at the end of the road
Where there is nothing more to see
I will always look at you
The way you look at me

Written in this book
English Stuffs
yup XD
Stranger in the Night
★ โจรสลัดแห่งหมู่เกาะนับพัน ★


2 years ago
2 years ago
So sweet ~
Sweet as in natural honey or fruits or rice left inside the mouth for a while,
not an artificial sweet. :)
2 years ago
Awwwww thank you so much! ^_^
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